As Moore and company swam farther out into space, the night was awash in subcurrents.

Some frenzied moments seemed to shred anything superfluous - then we shifted back to cooler waters.

Crazed, rapid plucking by Moore, Sedwards, and Googe turned quickly to languid, relaxed play at any moment.

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Next up was "Speak to the Wild," another track from , source of most of the evening's tracks, more intense and immediate than in the recorded version.

Meditative soundscapes shifted to more jarring, thrilling climes, wherein those earlier moments filtered in through trilling notes, Shelley's sharp spikes, and Moore's powerfully weighted vocals.

Moore met Kim Gordon in 1980 at the final gig of The Coachmen, the band he was in with J. King, Daniel Walworth (replaced by Dave Keay), and Bob Pullin.

Moore, with Gordon, Anne Demarinis and Dave Keay formed a band, appearing under names like Male Bonding and Red Milk and the Arcadians, before settling on Moore's choice of Sonic Youth just before June 1981.

The buzzing, shifty guitars brought to mind quintessential Sonic Youth.

In "Forevermore," lyrics and guitar lines seemed to render the track a post-punk dirge for all things past, tinged with assertive optimism as the guitar shift at the chorus added emotive force and density.

He has also participated in many solo and group collaborations outside Sonic Youth, as well as running the Ecstatic Peace! Moore was ranked 34th in Rolling Stone Moore was born July 25, 1958, at Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables, Florida, to George E.