During the 1976 season a pair comedy pilots were broadcast during each episode.Thus, a total of 12 pilots were shown during the 1976 season over the course of six episodes.

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Other pilots broadcast during the first season included “The Cheerleaders,” with Kathleen Cody, Teresa Medaris and Debbie Zipp as cheerleaders trying to join an exclusive high school club in the 1950s; “Flannery and Quilt,” with Harold Gould and Red Buttons as widowers living in the same house who can’t agree on a single thing yet somehow get along; “Newman’s Drugstore,” with Herschel Bernardi as the owner of a small drugstore in the 1930s with money troubles; “Roxy Page,” with Janice Lynde as an actress who wants to be on Broadway whose family doesn’t; and “Local 306,” with Eugene Roche as a plumber promoted to the chief of his union who fears flying. returned for its second season on Thursday, May 24th, 1979.

It was now a half-hour series running from -9PM with a single comedy pilot shown each week.

By the mid-1980s, the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) were seeing increasing summer competition from the number of viewing options available. In July 1985, Harvey Shephard, CBS vice president for programming, pointed out that “in the last two seasons, the cable companies have recognized the fact that the networks — and the independent stations as well — are vulnerable.

They’ve saved a lot of ther stronger films for summer and the netowrk shares have declined significantly” [1].

In the first part, while working on an assignment for the school paper, the two find themselves sharing an apartment.

In the second part, Paula tries to get Eugene a date with a popular girl by writing a paper for her.

The first pilot, “Dear Teacher,” starred Melinda Culea as a teacher who learns the man she’s dating (played by Ted Danson) is the father of the most troublesome student in her class.

Other pilots included “Pals,” with Jeffrey Tambor and Tony Lo Bianco as brothers-in-law who travel to Mexico to purchase a painting; “Two Reelers,” with Radger Bumpass and Stephen Furst as tourists who find themselves in the middle of a revolution and help take a coffee shop and its waitress (played by Penny Peyser) hostage; and “Wendy Hooper, U. Army” with Wendy Holcombe as a member of the Army Signal Corps. CBS used this series as summer filler for three consecutive seasons during the late 1980s, mixing hour-long dramas and half-hour sitcoms (two each episode) for a total of 47 pilots.

After being pre-empted during the first three weeks of August, returned for an additional two weeks airing only on Thursdays. The premiere pilot, “The Natural Look,” starred Barbara Feldon as a cosmetics executive and Bill Bixby as her pediatrician husband.