Its hardly a "neutral" environment for such expert views, however, being a mobile related group, who are more prone to accept mobile related views.. Several definitional issues I need to cover, some terms are a bit cryptic in the table and some need a clarifying note.

So I put a comparison of five types of computers, by generations if you will (this is not the same classification as the computer industry has, for they have more generations in the mainframe era for example. DEFINITIONS IN THE ABOVE TABLEFirst, most of the statistics are for a "typical installation at about mid-point in the time period".

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Also on output I have internet for the smartphone era. A language compiler like Pascal, Fortran or Cobol was used and programs written on those languages. Means Killler Application, what was the reason to buy a whole computer system. Nation sec means National security, ie nuclear weapon design or cracking enemy spy codes etc. BBS means bulletin board system, a smaller network of often localized connections, used for email, chat groups etc. With a laptop on a Wi Fi connection, it is roughly one large room (at a time).

This means we now can output directly to the internet, such as our pictures to Flickr, our blogs and Twitters and Qiks etc. On the desktop PC era I say PCs can have 1-3 users, that means for example a family may share a computer or at the office our secretary could use our computer as well as we did, etc. By that I mean, the application and operating system was one and the same, there was no distinct OS as such. But with a smartphone is it even as big as a whole nation, with your standard tariff, and international, if you're willing to pay international data roaming charges. Very important, the columns describe the growth from and to, in that period, including ALL computer types during that era.

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MIPS is a computer processing speed term Millions of Instructions Per Second.

It is now considered an archaic term with more relevant measures, such as Mega FLOPS (don't ask..) but MIPS is the only way we can compare computer performance across 65 years.

But yes, study the table and do give us your comments.

A soli 110 Km da Milano siamo sulla strada che porta in Engadina e a mezz’ora dalle piste da sci di Madesimo.

So when you see the Desktop PC column starting at 1974, the specs listed are NOT for 1974, they are for about 1981, an IBM PC for example.