Especially when compared to my i Pod Touch 2G which is silk smooth.

AT&T has noted pretty recently that it will begin turning off GSM/EDGE carriers on its PCS 1900 MHz holdings as well.

It makes sense to differentiate the devices from each other based on the considerable increase in HSDPA category and realizable downstream speed from each hardware iteration.

Back then, the extent of just how much AT&T was working with Apple on a regular basis to both build bundles and beyond was unknown, but the two have worked together in the past to make UI related changes, going all the way back to the i Phone 3G's signal to bars mapping.

In addition, obviously the carrier works with Apple to both validate baseband behavior and respective updates.

To jailbreak your i Phone 3G running 3.0 OS you need either the Pwnage tool (Mac OS only) or the redsn0w utility, which was already released by the i Phone Dev Team 3 days ago.

The i Phone's icon-based interface is mostly unchanged from version 1.0 of the ROM.First up is this table, which I've updated with what we've been told or know about the newly announced 4G-enabled i Pad.Obviously the cellular basebands and supported HSDPA/HSUPA categories haven't changed for the existing older i Devices, and the point is that this ultimately should govern your expectations for cellular speeds - not indicators.The i Phone Dev Team has finally released the utility needed to unlock the i Phone 3G under i Phone OS 3.0, which will allow current users in illegitimate carriers to upgrade to the latest version of the i Phone OS, which brings about over 100 new features.The new ultrasn0w utility is available for download through Cydia and Icy software repositories, which are both installed during the process of jailbreaking.All of that we addressed in another post that I'd encourage you to take a look at as a primer for all this.