Originally had article on how to update the Sony GPS Assist data on a Cybershot using a Mac back in 2010, however the recommended tool has long since stopped working.

The script by Brix still works that is available at https://blog.brixandersen.dk/2010/04/02/downloading-sony-gps-assist-data-using-perl/ which from reading the comments also works in Linux.

If it is hidden, use the Finder “Go/Go To Folder” menu and type “~/Library” when prompted.

Use the Apple Scripts menu (click here if you don’t see it) and select the “Folder Actions/Configure Folder Actions” menu item.

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Since I've updated I don't have PMB to look at and tell you where exactly to tell it to look for updates but the option is in there. Just download the assist file from here...: it in this folder on your card:\PRIVATE\SONY\GPS\After inserting the card in the camera, go into the menu and check that it shows valid assist data for one month from now. I don't want to be dependent on software from Sony.

It appears your PMB Launcher is different than what I use, in the Left column the options include GPS and within the GPS option you can update the GPS data. I'm on ver 5.8 and the Launcher is on version Hello Ed and all, The earlier posters hit it on the head.

The Sony Play Memories Home software might be better for all I know, but the Sony-GPS program really helps.

Did you install PMB without plugging your A65 to the computer when the installation required it?

Add the “Sony GPS Assist Update.workflow” folder action to the “/Volumes” folder.

This can be tricky, directions on attaching a folder action to “/Volumes” are here. Now, when you plug in your memory card into your card reader, within 5-10 seconds the GPS Assist Data should be automatically updated. Here is a powershell script for those who want to to download on Windows 10 or later: Invoke-Web Request Just put that line in a file “gpsupdate.ps1” stored in “private/sony/gps” on the SD card.

After that, updating the GPS assist data will be a breeze.