Go to the registrar's office and do your marriage under the special marriages Act which legally permits you to marry any girl of any caste but if she is of Indian origin and not NRI . You also can seek protection under this act if any threat is made.

I dont know i speak to all my muslim friends from different countries Iran, morocco , algeria, pakistan, bangladesh. People made religion such a joke , this statement isnt targeting any religion in specific its all religions as a whole. Thank you for your help i hope there is some beneficial advice I can use or reflect on.

-Mike Mike says: June 25, 2015 at am Hey cookiee, the act that you said that made me happy for some reason, because of course the marriage and love is not the hard part.

I have not told my family that I am in love with a muslim guy as that might have caused chaos…

But now the pressure is unbearable and I dont want to marry anyone else at any cost..

Once again thank you very much I like to hear people are open minded and more importantly open hearted I hope all is going well with your husband 🙂 -Mike Also read: VIDEO: Interfaith Marriage with Equality, Hindu-Muslim Marriage-video, Love-Jihad, Don’t fake-convert, Polygamy and talaak, Akansha unwillingly converted to Nusrat, Hindu-Muslim marriages, Hindu-Muslim lovers’ experiences, Hindu girl-Muslim boy, Idols, pluralism, SRK-can you do it?

, Zakir Naik, Christian-Hindu marriages, Jain-Muslim marriages, Brahmin-Muslim marriages, Bollywood and Interfaith Marriages, Be a friend on Facebook. Remember for your long-term success with this planned marriage…. Ideally, youths in love should learn of the BBS expection in 10 days of dating, not after wasting 10 years! Q6) Can your first child have a Sikh name (and the second child have an Arabic name)?From your Muslim boy friend and his family, find answers to these questions: Q1) How will you get married? Q7) Do your male children have to have a sunat circumcision even there is not sufficient scientific merits? Are Sikh gurus and Muhammad same, that is, messengers of the God? After collecting all facts, now go to your parents and with open mind.Introduction Hi, I am made this guide to help muslim girls, like myself, who find themselves in love or in serious long term relationships with their sikh boyfriends and wishing to marry them but dont know how to.About Me I am Amina a british pakistani woman whose been happily married with her long term…By admin on June 9th, 2015 Mike says: June 9, 2015 at pm i am a sikh boy dating a muslim girl she is from morocco please update me on your situation maybe i can help from my the guy side perspective 🙂 -Mike Mike says: June 12, 2015 at pm she is just born muslim, and for the koran its complicated we both had a talk about the islamic religion and i told her that there are many things i do find true in that religion there is no doubt about it Im ignorant to things that make sense.