I did exactly what I wanted to do and when I wanted to do it.Having this kind of variety not only in types of girls but also in the metre of intensity is the key to long term traveling and adventuring.But if you fucked things up with a girl, you are really better off forgetting about the whole affair and moving on to the next girl, where you can start off with a clean slate. Over the past year I fucked up a few times and lost some really cool girls.

If you want to see her again you have continue your lover frame in the bedroom; leave the romantic love making for her boyfriend or for when you know each other better – now it’s time for fucking her brains out.

Dominate her and let her feel dominated, she wants to be taken. Even if you don’t care of seeing her again, you have to make this your default performance for the first time you smash a girl, it’s just part of your frame Read Fisto’s article how to use sex for more information.

A lot of newbie questions on game are about how to fix a specific situation with a specific girl.

And that is normal; it is in our nature as men to want to fix and repair things that are broken.

If a girl is not interested in you don’t waste your time trying to convince her otherwise.

For nearly all the girls I banged I had some sign of interest from the very start.

You are better off investing the time you spend trying to convince this one girl that’s not interested in you in finding 10 other girls that are.

In fact the harder you try to convince that girl the worse you make it.

Last year was an incredible year for me; I traveled a lot of countries across the world and smashed a lot of exotic girls.