Marco [Canora]’s gnocchi is pure perfection from texture to flavor.It is as simple as can be but warms the soul every time I eat it and inspires to keep pushing me to make the perfect pasta.I have been a fan of Chef Waxman’s cooking since the first week he opened JAMS in 1985.

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This kind of thought is something that inspired me and Contra to take pastry seriously and make it a big part of the experience.

This dish consisted of a passion fruit curd encapsulated by a tahini gel that was shaped to be the tart shell, so in essence everything was "liquid" -- there was a little bit of merengue and some different components of argan oil and black sesame.

Whether you’re of the camp that the peas are a positive or a negative addition (for what it’s worth, they do soften the heat of the jalapeños and give a textural boost), you can’t deny that it’s a dish that got people talking.

While dollar slice shops are prolific and rapidly multiplying, Best Pizza opened a perfect representation of the greatest food in New York.

While Veselka does make the occasional trendier pierogi (filled with things like short rib), the perfectly pan-fried or boiled classic flavors like potato, cheese, and meat are what keep lines out the door over half a century later.

If you’re ever craving a real “New York” moment -- the kind of moment that reminds you what you love about living here (despite all the high rents and rat kings) and maybe makes you feel a little bit like Don Draper (minus all the personality disorders) -- grab a seat at the counter at Grand Central Oyster Bar and order a dozen oysters and a dirty martini.

The square grandma slice has creamy melted cheese with pungent and robust red sauce interspersed.

It tastes like the ideal dream of what pizza used to taste like "when you were a kid." The city needs more Best Pizza and less cheap pizza.

You can find good oysters at any number of places across the city, but no other place has such diverse clientele, servers that appear to have been around since the place opened in 1913, or a “whispering wall” just outside its doors.