The counselor persisted and even offered to lower the price of the abortion from 0 to 0, stating that Planned Parenthood would obtain “different funds” to make up the difference to enable her to have the abortion.When Smith asked about the health risks related to the procedure, the counselor said she did not know of any such risks and never mentioned any potential emotional harm from having an abortion.

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According to Smith, the staff member at the clinic refused her request and told her to wait until the morning.

Knowing that she would be completely dilated by morning and fearing that she would lose her child, Smith went to the emergency room at Belleville Memorial Hospital in Belleville, Illinois, and had the Laminaria removed that night.

Another indicator is the fact that the overwhelming majority of Planned Parenthood's clinics are located in or near minority neighborhoods.

The Plaintiff The primary plaintiff in this case is Nicole Smith, an African American resident of Alorton, Illinois, who was 27 years old with three children at the time the events, which gave rise to this complaint, took place.

Louis against the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Planned Parenthood of St. The suit alleges medical malpractice, wrongful death, civil rights violations, mass fraud, and genocide by specifically targeting minority women for abortions.

Further, the suit also claims that Planned Parenthood has, since the organization's inception, been engaged in genocide through the systematic targeting of low-income and minority women for abortions.In fact, Sanger and her colleagues specifically opposed giving maternal care to poor women and those who she considered genetically inferior.Examining the statistics regarding Planned Parenthood's clientele further supports the lawsuit's allegation of genocide.On October 1, 1999, Smith went to the Planned Parenthood clinic in St.Louis, unsure whether or not she wanted to have an abortion.The suit reads, “Defendant has a long history, even dating back to its origin and founding, of intentionally targeting and encouraging lower income persons and those of minority races and ethnic groups, to have abortions, sterilization, and to use contraception, in order to lower the populations of said groups.