Trust definitely shoots up after meeting someone you've only been talking to electronically.There is already a little connection, or at least a certain level of familiarity and so when you meet, it may sometimes seem unnecessary to keep your guard up.If you think you have a legitimate reason to believe someone is dangerous on a dating site, report the person.

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Activities like online dating need to be approached with a certain level of precaution.

It's not about shunning the practice, but about doing it with a certain level of awareness.

Submitting shady profiles will allow moderators to investigate and keep everyone safe from harm.

This has to be the one rule you should never break for obvious reasons.

But, just as the web makes it easy to do great stuff like shop, learn, etc.

all from the computer, bad people may also find it easy to do their bad deeds with the increased access to people's lives.

Of course, this might be tricky since your are trying to get to know each other and that clearly involves an exchange of information.

Yes, it does, but you don't have to jump in at once. Watchful sharing of personal details should go right on until your first few dates.

The social network can hold too much information about you, enough for someone determined to make use of it in less than righteous ways.

All your photos, check-ins, videos, and friend's list can be valuable for some malicious psycho who knows what they are doing.

What you should avoid like the plague or worse is naming places like what school you attended, where you work, or your favourite ice cream joint.