For example, "91027180" is the 7180th guitar built in 2000 (1998 02)." found this on the wikipedia page for the Peavey EVH wolfgang, not sure of its accuracy but interesting.Can anyone verify if this is true "The Standard and American Special models are numbered in a sequential and chronological order, having 8 digits.The Custom shop produced the first CTs, which is what this is.

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Again it may be a coincidence but it seems to work for my guitars based on what I know about them. I guess Peavey does Like I said, the info from Wikipedia is pure crap.

Someone was making stuff up (further evidenced by the fact that they called the arch top model a "Standard," which was never an official term used by Peavey--only one adopted by owners). I've ALWAYS accurately dated my Wolfgangs through Peavey; and while those numbers coincidentally work out with a few of them, it doesn't with all of them.

On Bretts Black Pat Pending that would mean that his was the 4630th Wolf produced. GRAB A COLLECTOR'S GUITAR THAT WILL ONLY GO UP IN VALUE!

Their is some bullshit going on at Peavey with the serial numbers as they have been saying for quite a few years now that they can only find the numbers from 02 on, but I had a hook up until last year who I would call and get the month and year on any Wolf I asked about. I wrote him this message: Hi: This is NOT a prototype Peavey Wolfgang, nor is a first year model or custom shop model.

Matsumoku could not afford to buy itself out of Singer.

This was the end of japanese Vantage production aka Vantage MIJ.

Based on what I know about Peavey Wolfgangs and their serial numbers (which is a LOT--not trying to sound to cocky and/or dorky about it), he's been fed a very incorrect story. You'll want to change the language in your auction to be accurate and true.

The serial number is 91012223, and it has the patent number under the EVH signature brand. Comes with Peavey Hardshell Case (OHSC), Paperwork and all case candy! Don't settle for a lesser version when you can have an EVH-selected Wolfgang that is a Peavey Custom Shop Hand-built in the USA! You can call Peavey Electronics directly to verify the production year and version of the Wolfgang you're selling.

(Which is why it drives me crazy when owners lose the checklist.)I have a Wolfgang Special Custom with a "5" serial number that was made in Leaksville. found this on the wikipedia page for the Peavey EVH wolfgang, not sure of its accuracy but interesting.