The feature that will have the most immediate impact is the ability to record up to 16 shows at once.

The DVR also boasts faster performance, a simplified remote and the ability to let you watch up to four shows at once.

Overall, using Alexa with Dish feels a little like a novelty, but with added commands, I can see it becoming far more useful in the future.

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Because you're swapping out your Hopper, you'll lose all of your recordings, as well as any recordings you had scheduled.

After the new Hopper is installed, you'll have to reprogram the DVR to record your favorite shows.

Below that are DVR controls, as well as volume and channel rockers, and at the bottom, there's a number pad.

This new layout makes a lot more sense, given the way people navigate their TV these days.

To receive 4K satellite streams, your Dish antenna needs to be upgraded.

To complete this process, the Dish service technicians replaced the "LNB" (the little thing on the front of the dish), which took about 15 minutes.

Now, the results are not only returned nearly instantly but are also broken up according to genre (TV, movie, sports, and person).

This lets you search either for a show or movie title, or an actor's name.

A search for "Law & Order" episodes brought up a list on the right side of the screen, showing all of the permutations of the show currently airing.