As a professional (a busy one) and a recent divorcee I needed to find a way to meet a quality woman to spend time with. My life completely changed when I started work with model quality introductions. After many years being single woman I start give up on "love"....thank MQI, now I'm very happy woman.

I am not interested and have no desire to go through the bar scene again. Thank you Sheila for your amazing service and always being loyal and friendly, I appreciate a lot for you!

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I am a successful career minded woman with a BA and a postgraduate degree and I have had nothing but the best quality introductions from MQI. I am not with the love of my life yet, but I am very hopeful that I will meet him through MQI.

Super interesting, relationship minded, high caliber gentlemen, who are very successful in their own lives, and are not the type of men you would meet on dating sites or apps. Sheila is who I speak to the most, and she is awesome; warm, open and I feel like I could tell her anything.

Shortly into the interview, Craig, the owner popped into the office, introduced himself, asked me a few questions about my life and departed.

The next thing I knew, Sheila created my profile from the interview questions, sent me a few gentlemen who she thought may be a match within two weeks.

They can help you to find love and quality, real professionals and experts in matchmaking.

Regardless of which city you live in, I strongly recommend this agency to others!

Although I have not found a long term match as of yet, the experience is as advertised.

I look forward to my continued relationship going forward.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with them. I saw MQI's ad in the Du Pont Registry magazine, and called to get more information on how they worked.