”Meanwhile Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, Miss A’s Suzy, Lee Gwanggi, Lee Young Ah, Kang Min Kyeong, Kim Jin Woo, Kwon Min Jung, Rainbow’s Ko Woori, Christina appeared on the show. The way she does her best for everything from start to end is very charming.

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[ 381, -6] With the way I've observed him treating girls, he acts like he's their unni9. [ 345, -16] He's so touchy with the other women around him and calls all of them his daughter, his dongsaeng...

Super Junior member, Kim Hee Chul made an appearance on Mithra Jin’s “Music Date” Radio show last Friday and during their 1-to-1 talk, they made references to Wonder Girls yet again plus some So Nyeo Shi Dae. Kim Hee Chul @ Mithra Jin Music Date Radio Show 080314 (Part 2/6) Mithra: We have lots of similarities that’s why we became friends.

Article: Kim Heechul, "Why can't I get a girlfriend? [ 3,714, -56] Why can't I get a boyfriend- Because you're ugly- Let's go out- I'll date this person if she gets best reply- Upvoted this just for the person above me- Date, date, date! [ 2,841, -59] Well, Kim Heechul's mindset is pretty four dimensional for the regular person to handle...3.

[ 2,651, -247] Because you're prettier than any woman4.

He spent a month in the hospital, and removed the first rods in October ’06. (Luckily, Heechul wore a seatbelt that night.) After a few months he made his comeback, standing on a plateform.

Heechul then stated he needed to immediately hear the song, “Hands Up“, as he was curious about her lyrics.

Although we can’t classify people according to blood groups, but we only call each other out when we really want to see each other. Mithra: Not that, say the name of that person Hee Chul: Who else is there?

Hee Chul: We don’t like the same people, the same people don’t like us. Hee Chul: SNSD Yuri and Hyo Yeon are also AB blood type, enough?

My ex-girlfriend dumped saying, ‘Do you really love me? Lee Young Ah, Kim Heechul’s best friend explained, “Heechul is a good guy as a friend, but he doesn’t know what to do with his girlfriend.” Kim Heechul said, “I’m always shy around my girlfriend and if she gets mad at me I just kiss her.