I will certainly use again and whether you're with young children or not, I would highly recommend.My son and I spent the day out fishing with Capt George an what and awesome time we had!

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As a biologist, I also feature Eco-tours, shelling trips to remote islands, area tours for real estate buyers, and captain for hire on your vessel.

My son and my 7 and 9 year old grandsons and I spent the morning fishing and caught so many fish we lost count. He made the trip fun for the kids but also for my son and myself, as we got to catch fish while he helped the kids. I had always wanted to take the kids fishing and imagined what a good time would be, but with Captain George the good times far exceeded my expectations.

Yurko has long lived in the Bay Hill area and became good friends with Arnold Palmer.

Schumacher would visit her grandmother as a teenager, and one day while they ate lunch at Bay Hill, Yurko decided to make her granddaughter’s day. Schumacher, then around age 15, had shot 2 over that day at Bay Hill from the forward tees and figured this was as good a time as any to give her a shoutout to “The King.” “She went up to him and goes, ‘My granddaughter just shot 2 over, you have to meet her,’ “ Schumacher said, laughing.

We will definitely use Captain George again and look forward to another great time and wonderful memories.

What everyone wants with a fishing charter, lots of time to fish and lots of fish caught.Not even two minutes passed before we hooked the first one and within an hour all four of us had reeled one in!! I could write about every hook-up to the three we landed (50 lb.each) and the 5 that pulled off.If you want a good time with one great conversation this is how you should go.Thank you Capt George hope to come back next year and do it again.Wake Forest’s Monica Schumacher grew up in New Jersey, but she and her family are now based in Orlando. Schumacher credits Kay Yurko, her 92-year-old maternal grandmother, for getting her into golf in the first place. Schumacher noted with pride to The Man Out Front after finishing her second round Saturday at the NCAA Women’s Championship that Yurko still plays golf and shot a 55 in nine holes recently.She played on the school’s women’s club team for most of her first two years.