I like the principle, “You only live once” especially when it leads to a healthy and enjoyable sex life. Your girlfriend does suffer from low self-esteem, but it’s not the number of men she’s slept with that tells me that, it’s the fact that she is in a relationship with you, a man who is so judgmental and condemning. Why is it okay to have a high sex drive inside a relationship, as you do, but not outside of it, as she did?

We subconsciously compare ourselves with the other man who is approaching our woman.

If we feel less attractive than him at any point or just annoyed by him, then we can get jealous.

I have a girlfriend who comes from a religious family .. it makes me really unhappy and think that i want to end the relationship.

they have really good principles and manners, but since she went to the university unfortunately she met friends who really have no principles in life. She went to the doctor and he said her birth control pill may be decreasing her desire to have sex.

Accept that sometimes you feel a bit jealous when some nice guy is talking to your girlfriend. Ask yourself honestly if you would like to be with someone like you? If you woul keep the answers honest you will see your self esteem. You thing that other guys have more to say than you? Thomas Thomas Davis is 25-year old college student, passionate about computer science.

After being a shy guy for most of his life, he realized that confidence is a learnable skill that anyone can possess with practice.

If you want to stay with your girlfriend, you’re going to need an attitude change, and that would likely happen through intensive insight-oriented therapy that focuses on how you learned to be closeminded and why you find it so hard to see other people’s perspectives.

She needs therapy of her own that focuses on her upbringing, where I would imagine she had an overbearing, judgmental parent, which is why she is drawn to you (read to learn about this, or read briefly about imago theory here).

Don’t panic and don’t try to see sexual tension where it is not.