Further development in the pornography market will be determined by a combination of two leading technologies: VR and blockchain.This is why OKOIN will be in demand and rise in price, and thus each investor will get the desired result - a profit or an opportunity to use the platform.

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According to Similar Web, from January to November 2016, the traffic of the top 10 VR porn websites grew by 202%.

According to the experts, by 2020 the industry’s market volume will exceed $1 billion.

We expect the cost of the token by the time of the IPO, from $8.

Okoin has already become widespread as a means of payment for adult sites, sex stores, online chats and other thematic resources.

The headquarter of the company is located in Prague and representative offices are established in 8 cities, 4 countries.

Read more at the website: 2017 VR technology company (Czech Republic) released a virtual reality headset for viewing adult films.

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VR OKO is a virtual reality headset specifically designed for viewing interactive adult video content.

If you have a full-fledged wallet that can store ERC20 compatible tokens, you simply transfer the ETH from your wallet to the smart contract wallet indicated on the website

In response, you will automatically receive the appropriate number of OKOIN tokens. VR Technology is the Czech company produces headsets of virtual reality for watching adult movies.

This will create over-the-counter demand for the coin and will protect it from unfriendly speculative actions, which in the future will lead to stable growth of its cost on exchanges.