Back in my 20's I had job interview and the girl in reception met me with a wave of extremely fresh apple scent that simply was stunning.

I thought it was J'adore or her shampoo but later I asked what's that perfume and that way I learned about Be Delicious phenomenon.

It smells almost masculine at times due to the freshness and a slightly bitter citrus (lime maybe? I fell in love with the fragrance when I tested it at a shop so I bought it. Maybe the tester at the shop was different than the bottle I bought, although, I must say, the concentration was exactly the same! Before the reformulated version, this was one of my favorite scents to wear. Now those apple notes are veryyy synthetic, the refreshing cucumber is now an off-putting undertone, and honestly nothing seems to blend nicely in this fragrance anymore. Sillage 7/10 Scent 5/10 I really wish they’d stop reformulating all my favorites. It's synthetic and dull, and the opposite of 'fresh'.

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It seemed like I either couldn't smell the fragrance after a short while, after I'd been using Be Delicious for some months or the fragrance lost it's "power" - both longevity and projection very fast.

I might've liked Be Delicious better if it had been more juicy apple and florals than cucumber and sharp apple or something green.

But soon it will be summer here in the north so maybe I´ll use my DKNY apples a bit more. It´s an apple like the others but this one is my favourite among them and I have the Red Delicious and Fresh Blossom also.

It´s fresh, sweet and fruity and the notes makes it smell like wonderful melon to me. A young scent I think and a really safe blindbuy or gift.

Apples & lily of the valley kind of smack you in the face at first. It ends up smelling of "warm apple juice", tuberose, a touch of baby powder, and sandalwood. However, on my bestie- who's skin reacts nicely with ambers- when she wears it, it is amazingly warm and woodsy and kind of smells like fall desserts. I wanted to like this, because I love fruity scents, but it dries down to a nasty, floral/green combination.

The top note is sweet apple, but quickly turns into an unpleasant synthetic smell shortly thereafter.i think this is a great all round day perfume that you won't have to touch up much if at all.It might sound cliche but for me the best way to describe this is Delicious! This one is great for people who like to smell nice at the gym strange as that sounds, I'm one of those people who always wear perfume no matter where or what I'm doing. Longevity is quite good on me and i can use this also in winter. :) One of those fragrances that's more impressive when you smell it from the bottle.But I get a lot of compliments from strangers and they ask me, what's my perfume, because it's awesome. loads of apple, very sweet apple and flower notes with freshness of the cucumber and grapefruit. i put this on hours ago, slept in it and it'still going very strong.So now, I will use my last bottle of it, and I will never buy it again. next time i might not be so free with the trigger, i'll use a lighter hand.Sillage was medium, and it was relatively long-lasting (4 hours maybe? I think this perfume was a serious missed opportunity by DKNY to make a consistently apple-smelling perfume from top note to bottom. At the shop he was advised to really consider the scent after it is mixed with the skin elements, so as to allow other parts of it to epxress - apart from the apple.