We've periodically had different readers ask about this topic, and I've had it on our list of articles to write up for sometime - how do you move overseas and have it go well?Several of the questions readers have asked: Chase, you are a true champ.

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The bars aren’t always great and there is a good chance the hostel workers leading the crawl are getting kickbacks from the bars but it’s a good way to exploring the city while retaining a somewhat familiar group of people. First of all, I want to stress the point that Couchsurfing should not be used as a way to hook up with hosts/guests and it should never be an expectation. it’s well-known that it happens — you never know when you’re going to hit it off with someone.

However, hosts will often introduce guests to their friends (at a bar, party, etc.) and this is the best chance of meeting someone special.

Plus, many of them are traveling alone or in small groups of friends so they’re open to meeting other travelers.

Just head to the part of the hostel where people gather — usually the kitchen area or a common room.

Hostel workers do most of their cleaning late in the morning so broom closets don’t get much use late at night — although hooking up next to a mop might not be the most romantic situation.

The kitchen and common room aren’t very good spots to hook up.Most people are out of the hostel during the mid-day — but this is when a lot of hostels are getting cleaned.After dinner can also be a good time since most people are out and won’t be heading back until after 9pm. If you’re looking to hook up then you should search for hostels that have a reputation as a party hostels.But what if you’re too broke to get a private room? The showers are usually a good place to go for sexy time because they offer relative privacy. Some are private with locking doors but some are less-private communal stalls.Either way, if you’re going to hook up in the showers don’t do it in the morning when people are trying to take a shower.If the hostel has a laundry room there is a good chance it will be pretty quiet at night (because who wants to spend their nights doing laundry? Best of all, you can do your laundry at the same time!