I no longer have to worry as #My Rexall Pharmacist has my back!Went to bring #My Rexall Pharmacist my new prescription.I walked into the Rexall Pharmacy on Eglinton and Bathurst area and explained to the Pharmacist that I was not feeling well and that my blood pressure was high.

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#My Rexall Pharmacist loaded me up with a wealth of information after my doctors appointment as the drug I was coming off of was a difficult drug to wean off.

The withdraw symptoms were going to be a battle in its own.

Rexall Pharmacists offer a variety of important services that goes beyond dispensing prescriptions.

Their expanded scope of practice includes adjusting or adapting prescriptions, prescribing for certain minor ailments, prescribing in emergency situations, smoking cessation counselling, administering immunizations, conducting medication reviews, creating care plans, and more. I am so glad that I switch to Rexall Drug Store from Safeway pharmacy due to the fact that I have always had great service my medications has always been refilled on time and I didn’t have to wait forever.

When I had my prescription filled, the knowledgeable and thoughtful pharmacist asked me several questions and explained to me the possible side effects and interactions that could occur with other non-prescription meds I was taking.

I was pleasantly surprised to have received such personal service and genuine concern.

I have used the other drug store (Shoppers) and for years was treated horribly.

I finally changed and have received nothing but kindness and any time I had questions or concerns was treated with respect and in a very timely manner.

The pharmacist thought I should revisit with my doctor and discuss the medication further and whether an alternative should be prescribed. I was feeling extremely tired and exhausted and my blood pressure was high at the time, and really no explanation.