I ended up dating my roommate-who-disappeared’s girlfriend, and when he came back she went back to him.

Needless… Read more It was that time of year again, time for Dad to dump the family at the summer cottage and return back to the city to work.

My wife had seen the lust in my eyes for the cock and knew this would become a staple to my diet.

Dating sex story-46

I replaced him but with a roomie who wanted nothing to do with me.

Then my best girlfriend from high school fell in love with some guy from Chicago, they got married and moved away.

Here I kneeled, the dripping pre cum just inches from my lips.

It was made all the better by my beautiful wife gently rubbing my asshole with one hand and stroking my cock with her other.

The undercard was lame and the main event was a bust, so we just ended up pounding an ungodly amount of beer.

After the post-fight commentary, I headed upstairs to grab another six pack.

I showered and put on a robe and put on candles in the bedroom.

I paced nervously as I waited, doubting and excited. I remember saying out loud-"Well, you're… Read more Ben, a longtime friend of mine, and I got a chance to catch a late night, premiere boxing match on television while our wives were out galavanting with their social circle of soccer moms.

Every year since we were k**s my dad would leave mom and us at the cottage for the summer while he tended his used car lot back in the city.