But it appears the year-old actor may finally have something to be happy about after he was pictured with a mystery woman in London yesterday.

In Africa, many governments have introduced much tougher sentencing and penalties for illegal trafficking.

.......more First of all it's important to keep in mind that women like tall guys.

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Produced Twofour, Cat Lawson, Head of Entertainment said: “We are so excited to be bringing back such a brilliant show for 2016.

is more relevant today than ever before and we look forward to watching the twists and turns of our singletons searching for ‘the one’. It questions the perceptions and judgements we all make in our quest for finding love.

He carried a cycle helmet in his hand and was dressed down in jeans, T-shirt and green jacket. A lot more work is needed — rhino, lion, pangolin and many other species still face an existential threat because of the illegal wildlife trade.

As Sir David Attenborough expressed so eloquently last year at the Tusk Conservation Awards, there is quite simply nowhere else on earth that can offer such richness — it is the greatest natural show on earth.

The format is similar to that of Blind Date, in which the contestants can’t see each other – however the twist is the singletons go on a series of dates in the pitch black.

In each episode, single boys and girls looking for love will take up residence at a luxury countryside mansion, with the men and women staying on separate floors – and only meeting each other in a pitch-black dating room to see if they can find their perfect match without basing their attraction on looks.

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