Blaming the Kardashian "Curse" removes all personal responsibility of failure.

To put it differently, if Khloe or Kim had a history of dating accountants, nobody would be concerned about the possibility of the guy messing up a routine audit.

Most of us remember this very public saga, that saw Lamar Odom go from Sixth Man of the Year (2011), at the top of his game, to a Tyrone Biggums-esque fiend and NBA burnout.

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His relationship with Kim however, lasted only season.

Their romance began in October 2010, around the same time that the NBA season began, and lasted until Kim filed for divorce the following October, as the 2011 season was getting underway. Tristan and Khloe seem to be going strong, with a fairly public relationship-- Instagram posts about their forever-love for each other and all the sauce.

Fox was also married to Vanessa Williams for six years prior to their divorce in 2005.

While it seems little else came from this brief relationship other than a few dates and a few gossip posts to accompany them, they apparently remain close friends.

The Kardashian family are certainly no strangers to the spotlight, and neither are professional athletes.

That being said, many of the players on the list have attempted to blame poor performances on the outside stressors that come with dating a Kardashian/Jenner.

Okay, who remembers this, or perhaps better put, who doesn't remember this?

Kris Humphries was a little-known bench player prior to his 72-day marriage to Kim Kardashian in 2001. The reports were that the split was caused by Kim's cheating with none other than Kanye West, who is, according to gossip magazine sources, about to be the father of their third child together.

While not all of these tales have a happy ending, they offer cautionary examples of what can happen when every moment of one's personal and professional lives are scrutinized by millions of people.

Certainly this phenomenon extends beyond the court as well.

Khloe Kardashian could basically field a decent starting five with her exes.