"See thats all there is to it now just sway" the song changed to The Call by someone I can't remember. It was dark out and the stars were shining and it was the perfect time to tell her..."I love this song" she said and she put her head on my shoulder. I needed to ask her to go out with e soon before we all leave to go to Florida and we'll never get any time alone. "I'm sorry I don't know what came over me" I said.

those were the last words of Merlin and they came from the dying Arthur's lips played by my best mate Bradley, oh wait sorry you might not know him as well as I his full name is Bradley James look him up when you have the time.

Johnny Capps shouted cut and we all clapped as it was the last scene.

I gave a weak wave and he took that as he knew how I would get upset if he stayed around long enough. "Okay so all you all know today was our final day of shooting Merlin and after five years of coming back to it we wont be again next year" he said and now he started to half cry "We all know what comes up after we have finished a series now that is not gonna change but this years our last one so were gonna make it special" he said grinning "For the main characters of the show Bradley, Angel, Katie and of course Colin you will be going to Florida for one full month and will be staying at the Florida Hotel.

as for the knights like Tom you will be going to Figi for a month" he said we all cheered and he motioned for us to settle down.

"As for tonight come in your best clothes because were gonna be having the dance we always have here after Merlin and were gonna invite every person that has ever been in Merlin" he said.

We all went to our trailers and got undressed to our usual clothes. When i looked at myself in the mirror I looked pretty swish with my bow tie.

As we walked to the wrap up party I asked where Bradley and Katie were and she said that Bradley went to get Katie then she added that Katie was as bad as me taking years staring at myself in the mirror. When we got in there was really loud music playing.

I think the song was It's Time from Imagine Dragons which I liked a lot. "Wanna dance" Katie asked as Bradley went to ask Angel.

When I finished staring at myself I heardd a knock on the door it was Angel and she had come to get me for the dance she looked great too because she was weraring a long red dress .