I took that as an indication she was wanting to get fucked. I took out my hard cock and gave it a few strokes and moved into an awkward position to gain access to her pussy. Her pussy was very wet and my cock slipped right in.

I plunged as deep as I could, and held, as Bess shuddered from her obvious orgasm. My dream was kind of disjointed, as I went in and out of the dream.

Finally, I was awake and realized, it was not a dream at all. This time, it was a very long session, which pleased me and I think pleased Bess.

I didn't’t pay much attention to her until we were inside and she took that last available table.

I looked around and there were no available counter seats, so I turned and said, “there does not seem to be any other places to sit. "“Not at all sweetie, please sit,” she said.“Thank you. I was adopted by a Cuban couple just after I was born.”“Well my name is Bess and I did not mean any offense,” she said.“No offense taken,” I responded. While eating my club sandwich and fries, we continued with some meaningless small talk, but I took stock of Bess.

I took her clit between my lips and began sucking it like a small cock. I was relaxing and dozing, several hours passed, when I felt a nudge.

Soon Bess began to squirm and shake, as she achieved an awesome orgasm, flooding my lips and face with her pungent nectar. Looking up I saw Bess had turned and was presenting her bare ass in my direction.Looking down and nodding, she was indicating it was my turn to return the favor. Bess scooted over at an angle and spread her legs giving me an easier access to her pussy.I had to bend my neck at an awkward angle to gain access to her musky smelling pussy.Bess grabbed a window seat in the last row and I sat down beside her.Her smile indicated she was pleased with my seat selection.My name is Jorge Alverez.” I said.“I would never have guessed, you don’t look like a spic.” She said. She was probably near fifty, a bit on the hefty side, with huge tits.