But the honeymoon's over, and Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler are learning firsthand just how tricky wedded life can be.

As the war for American Independence carries on, two newlyweds are settling into their new adventure: marriage.

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Alex is still General George Washington's right-hand man and his attention these days is nothing if not divided--much like the colonies' interests as the end of the Revolution draws near.

Alex & Eliza's relationship is tested further by lingering jealousies and family drama.

"This isn't a decision we're making lightly, cutting trees on Mount Royal, 4,000 is a lot," Coun.

Luc Ferrandez, the executive committee member responsible for parks, said Wednesday.

"To be clear, over the course of those months rehearsing and filming , it was Joel Kramer who was responsible for my safety on a film that at the time broke new ground for action films," Dushku wrote.

"On a daily basis he rigged wires and harnesses on my 12 year old body.

"She may have gotten bruised, I don't think she broke any ribs, I don't remember that at all," he said.

MONTREAL -- The City of Montreal will chop down 4,000 ash trees on picturesque Mount Royal because they have been attacked by an invasive strain of beetle from Asia.

Dushku says he laid down next to her on a hotel bed and rubbed her repeatedly, then suggested that she not tell anyone of the encounter.

The actress added that on the way back to her parents, he pulled her onto his lap during a taxi ride, but grew "cold" to her in subsequent encounters.

stunt coordinator Joel Kramer "sexually molested" her during production on the 1994 feature film he wrote and directed and the country's larger sexual harassment "reckoning." Cameron appeared Saturday before press at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour to support AMC's .